Lamp of the Lord found in ELS Bible Code

Since Bible Codes, and their common name of Equidistant Letter Sequences (ELS) became popularized within the last few decades with the advent of personal computers, individuals, and groups, have surfaced claiming findings within the Tanakh and the Roman canon, commonly known as the ‘New Testament’.

Yet, some of these same groups also state that while the ELS produce many terms, at times, some are discarded as they only produce single words, or short phrases. As with anything the ego of man is involved with, many of these codes are filtered, based on the beliefs, and understanding, of the person who found the ELS.

One group that has found a number of codes has used the Internet to disseminate this information, both between themselves for further study, and to the world at large. They have found many interesting codes that relate to the second ‘Anointed One’, yet their beliefs have held them back from seeing these codes in their true light. We will share some of these with you today, others we will provide links so that you may determine for yourself the fundamental Truth to the fact that the Tanakh speaks of ‘Two Anointed Ones’, that of Yeshua, of the tribe of Judah, and the other, of the tribe of Levi.

This ELS Bible Code seems to verify the book ‘Lamp of the Lord’ (ELS code finding by Iciple):

Lamp of the Lord ELS
Lamp of the Lord ELS
Lamp of the Lord
Lamp of the Lord

You will notice that this code has a number of terms associated with the find, and the associated place within the Tanakh that it was found. In fact, all of the codes were found within the book of Jeremiah. In Hebrew, the name ‘Jeremiah’ means ‘Yahweh exalts’. This significance can only be known after one has studied the ‘Lamp of the Lord’.

And, as another side note, the ‘Lamp of the Lord’ is also found in Proverbs 20:27 ‘The spirit of man is the Lamp of the LORD, searching all the inner depths of the heart’.

Now, as for the ELS code, another thing you will notice is that the code as it stands seems random as it came out of the computer program that found it. If we were to put it in the proper order of finding within the ‘Book of Jeremiah’, the code findings would look like this:

writer/scribe lord of all/every fleet
you will verify
hallelujah (praise the Lord) and hand
clarification enlightenment exported
importing proof/sight torah
to emerge listen/obey
Salvation by God through man (Yeshua)
sealed reciprocal wonder/surprise
in the Torah
to dispute of miniature code (why)
Yeshua is my name
completed reticular (intricate)
the society/norm chaff and els thick/coarse
to lift accumulate treasure become strong the joker(‘s) expression the will lighten
Lamp of the Lord
to import and I will put
fire of the Lord moving
he will save
keep going /inspire purpose/destiny
to import name Father
to the Torah
to provide measurable/gauge to wear,please
equidistant sequences light up/to ignite
Yeshua, Yah
to fuse/melt beautifully
Lamp of the Lord
mountain, so be it not
from you in me here
the Messiah quencher/extinguisher
queue comrade, constitute/comprise for Yeshua the silk
to her truthfulness the shovel
appearance to twist/bend ABA/Father (shall)crush
gift lump(sum) daylight great/infinite
writings in abundance to follow

Now, in this way, the code seems to bring to light the true nature of the book ‘Lamp of the Lord’, and, more importantly, that this code was found pertaining to something written. It starts with the term ‘writer/scribe lord of all/every fleet’, which would pertain to the writer of the book, and ends with ‘writings in abundance to follow’, meaning that whoever wrote this one has much more to write.

Other significant terms, relating to that of a ‘book’ or ‘writing’ include; ‘hallelujah (praise the Lord) and hand’ and ‘clarification enlightenment exported’.

The term ‘Lamp of the Lord’ appears twice within the findings. The first time is between the terms ‘to lift accumulate treasure become strong the joker(‘s) expression the will lighten’ and ‘to import and I will put’ ‘fire of the Lord moving’. This is significant in the book ‘Lamp of the Lord’, as it uses the Menorah as a tool to help the reader understand how to ‘search all of the inner parts of the heart’, thereby ‘lifting’ the spirit above the material manifestation of this world.

The second time the ‘Lamp of the Lord’ appears is between the terms ‘to fuse/melt beautifully’ and ‘mountain, so be it not’. These terms are a bit harder to understand, unless you have read, and studied, the ‘God is my Light: Three books of Kelaiah’.

‘God is my Light: Three books of Kelaiah’  is the basis and inspiration of the “Sevenfold Teaching” written in 2012 by Kelaiah, the pseudonym of Mark F. Kalita.