Voice of Heavens found in ELS Bible Code

In the book, “God is my Light: Three books of Kelaiah”, the third book of Kelaiah is called the “Voice of Heavens”. The significance of this entire collection is beyond comprehension. As this book is that ‘book of remembrance’ found in the “Book of Malachi”, it should be no wonder that it is referenced directly in the ELS Bible Codes.

The other ELS Bible Code from this group of people relates to the book ‘Voice of Heavens’ (ELS code finding by Inpixso):

Voice of Heavens ELS
Voice of Heavens ELS
Voice of Heavens Bible Code
Voice of Heavens Bible Code

As with the code finding of the ‘Lamp of the Lord’, this person probably did not understand the significance of these codes when they were found.

These codes were found exclusively within the ‘Book of Exodus’. If we were to use the same method, as above, and put these codes in the order of appearance, this is how they would look:

Levi Voice of Heavens
Ourselves children of the Living God

The first thing that we notice is the phrase ‘Levi Voice of Heavens’, as the second ‘Anointed One’ is partially from the tribe of Levi, this would make sense as to who is the author of the book. The second phrase, or word, is that of Aaron, the brother of Moses. The book ‘Voice of Heavens’ is about how to become as an ‘Angel’. And, it speaks that we are all ‘children of the Living God’.

Now, the two terms on either side of ‘God’ are, ‘Joshua’ and ‘Jeshua’, affirmation of “the two anointed ones, that stand by the Lord of the whole earth” (Zechariah 4:14). And, since the name of the first one is known, Yeshua, and the other ‘hidden’, ‘Joshua’, the son of Ephraim of the tribe of Joseph, is listed.