Voice of Heavens found in ELS Bible Code

In the book, “God is my Light: Three books of Kelaiah”, the third book of Kelaiah is called the “Voice of Heavens”. The significance of this entire collection is beyond comprehension. As this book is that ‘book of remembrance’ found in the “Book of Malachi”, it should be no wonder that it is referenced directly in the ELS Bible Codes.

The other ELS Bible Code from this group of people relates to the book ‘Voice of Heavens’ (ELS code finding by Inpixso):

Voice of Heavens ELS
Voice of Heavens ELS
Voice of Heavens Bible Code
Voice of Heavens Bible Code

As with the code finding of the ‘Lamp of the Lord’, this person probably did not understand the significance of these codes when they were found.

These codes were found exclusively within the ‘Book of Exodus’. If we were to use the same method, as above, and put these codes in the order of appearance, this is how they would look:

Levi Voice of Heavens
Ourselves children of the Living God

The first thing that we notice is the phrase ‘Levi Voice of Heavens’, as the second ‘Anointed One’ is partially from the tribe of Levi, this would make sense as to who is the author of the book. The second phrase, or word, is that of Aaron, the brother of Moses. The book ‘Voice of Heavens’ is about how to become as an ‘Angel’. And, it speaks that we are all ‘children of the Living God’.

Now, the two terms on either side of ‘God’ are, ‘Joshua’ and ‘Jeshua’, affirmation of “the two anointed ones, that stand by the Lord of the whole earth” (Zechariah 4:14). And, since the name of the first one is known, Yeshua, and the other ‘hidden’, ‘Joshua’, the son of Ephraim of the tribe of Joseph, is listed.


Enoch Revelation of Weeks

The “Sevenfold Teaching” was prophesied over 2000 years ago in the “Book of Enoch” (http://www.sacred-texts.com/bib/boe/boe096.htm)

The “Book of Enoch” is mentioned in the Christian Bible (Jude v.14) and was studied by Yeshua and his followers.

In the ‘Seventh Week’ the “Sevenfold Teaching” was given to the ‘Chosen Righteous, from the Eternal Plant of Righteousness’ and published for the children of the Earth in 2012.


Book of Enoch – Revelation of Weeks

93.1 And, after this, Enoch began to speak from the books:
93.2 And Enoch said: “Concerning the sons of righteousness, and concerning the chosen of the world, and concerning the plant of righteousness and uprightness, I will speak these things to you, and make them known to you, my children.
I, Enoch, according to that which appeared to me in the Heavenly vision, and that which I know from the words of the Holy Angels, and understanding from the Tablets of Heaven.”
93.3 And Enoch then began to speak from the books, and said: “I was born the seventh, in the first week, while justice and righteousness still lasted.
93.4 And, after me, in the second week, great injustice will arise, and deceit will have sprung up. And in it there will be the First End, and in it, a man will be saved. And after it has ended, iniquity will grow, and He will make a law for the sinners.
93.5 And after this in the third week, at its end, a man will be chosen as the Plant of Righteous Judgment, and after him will come the Plant of Righteousness, forever.
93.6 And after this, in the fourth week, at its end, visions of the righteous and Holy will be seen, and a Law for All Generations, and an enclosure will be made for them.
93.7 And after this, in the fifth week, at its end, a House of Glory and Sovereignty will be built forever.
93.8 And after this, in the sixth week, all those who live in it will be blinded. And the hearts of them all, lacking wisdom, will sink into impiety. And in it, a man will ascend, and at its end the House of Sovereignty will be burnt with fire. And in it the whole race of the chosen root will be scattered.
93.9 And after this, in the seventh week, an apostate generation will arise. And many will be its deeds – but all its deeds will be apostasy.
93.10 And at its end, the Chosen Righteous, from the Eternal Plant of Righteousness, will be chosen, to whom will be given Sevenfold Teaching, concerning his whole creation.
93.11 For is there any man who can hear the voice of the Holy One and not be disturbed? And who is there who can think his thoughts? And who is there who can look at all the works of Heaven?
93.12 And how should there be anyone who could understand the works of Heaven, and see a soul, or a spirit, and tell about it, or ascend and see all their ends and comprehend them, or make anything like them?
93.13 And is there any man who could know the length and breadth of the Earth? And to who has all its measurements been shown?
93.14 Or is there any man who could know the length of Heaven, and what is its height, and on what is it fixed, and how large is the number of stars, and where do all the lights rest?

Here are the people Enoch speaks of in each week:

Week 1 – Adam and Enoch

Week 2 – Noah

Week 3 – Abraham

Week 4 – Moses and Aaron

Week 5 – Solomon

Week 6 – Yeshua

Week 7 – Kelaiah